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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  My Original Sidebar is not perpendicular to the wall, can it be straightened?
A:  Yes, flat washers can be placed under the mounting brackets with the lag bolt going through the washer to act as a shim.

Q:  My Original Sidebar is cold on my bare hand in the winter, is there a way to warm it?
A:  Yes, they can be wrapped with standard tennis racket grip.  It is very inexpensive and comes in an array of colors.

Q:  Can the Original Sidebar be installed upside down?
A:  Yes!  As a matter of fact, we encourage it for certain applications.  Sidebars installed upside down on either side of a toilet works well for walkers.

Q:  What can I clean my Original Sidebar with?
A:  Clean the Original Sidebar with a mild dish soap and water solution using a soft cloth of sponge.

Q:  Does my Original Sidebar need to be installed into studs?
A:  It is highly recommended for optimum security.

Q:  Can my Original Sidebar be installed on brick or cement?
A:  Absolutely, using the proper cement anchors.