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Nola decending stairsI am a 77 year old wife, mother, grandmother and Great grandma and I asked my doctor, "What can I do to be sure I live a long healthy life to see my children grow?" He looked at me with all seriousness and said, "Do not fall!" I took this advice and purchased Original Sidebars for the steps from my garage into the house and for the steps at the front door. I love the convenience of these aids going up or down stairs. I have the confidence to go out my front door to get the paper or mail and not fall. The Original Sidebar is the greatest and I'm told it is easy to install too.

Happy and Healthy


A couple of years ago, the last thing in the world I would have thought I needed was some assistance to get up or down a few steps.  Then I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy causing unsteadiness and balance issues among others. I couldn't even use the doorwall in our dining room and take the two steps to go out onto our patio without some assistance. Discussing the problem with my son-in-law he told me about The Original Sidebar and after a little research I purchased one. Since I'm not very handy he installed it for me in less than 20 minutes and said it was very easy, everything he needed was included except the drill.  

I now go in and out that doorwall by myself with complete confidence.  We're planning on getting one for our driveway side door.

I would recommend The Original Sidebar to anyone who needs a helping hand to go up or down a few stairs whether it's for them or their house guests


The Original Sidebar has provided much needed security when utilizing our garage steps. The design is perfect for both my husband and myself even though we are very different heights. It is a very solid and secure rail. I often have my wiggly grand baby in my arms and what a relief to be able to have this very strong rail to keep us both from toppling over. My husband has had hip replacements and he too values the security these rails provide for him. I highly recommend for seniors and young folks!

-Veronica G.